Venezuelan President Highlights Legacy of Commander Chavez

Venezuelan President Highlights Legacy of Commander Chavez

On Wednesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro highlighted the legacy that Commander Hugo Chavez left for the Venezuelan people, during commemorative acts for the tenth anniversary of his death.


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«We came to swear absolute loyalty to the people,» Maduro said at a ceremony held at the Mountain Barracks in Caracas, where the remains of former President Chavez rest.

“The people have the spiritual strength to fight every battle and face all the obstacles and adversities, conspiracies, economic warfare, and threats of invasion,» he stated referring to the U.S.-backed destabilization actions against the Bolivian Revolution.

Maduro also recalled that Chavez bequeathed a rebellious, anti-imperialist, and patriotic conscience that has allowed Venezuelans to persevere in their work to do things well.

This graph is part of an infographic on all the crushing measures imposed by Washington against Venezuela’s oil industry, the nation’s main source of foreign income

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March 9, 2023

The Bolivarian leader also expressed that the Chavista legacy is reflected in the unity between the Venezuelan people and the Army, as well as in all those citizens who assume the revolutionary cause as a personal matter.

“United we have built a powerful base on which the Bolivarian Revolution can set great goals to advance towards a splendorous future of life and prosperity,” Maduro pointed out.

During the ceremony at the Mountain Barracks, Security Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez also highlighted the validity of Chavez’s legacy in «the commitment to forge an independent homeland that does not allow globalization to run over it.»

Venezuela: 23 years since Hugo Chavez’s first victory.

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December 6, 2021

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