Peru: Constitutional Court Annuls Process Against Castillo

Peru: Constitutional Court Annuls Process Against Castillo

On Tuesday, Peru’s Constitutional Court annulled the complaint of treason against President Pedro Castillo filed by the opposition-controlled Congress.


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The judges admitted the petition for «habeas corpus» presented by Castillo’s defense attorneys in response to the accusation against him processed by the Subcommittee of Constitutional Accusations of the Parliament.

In an attempt to politically disable the Peruvian President for five years, the Subcommittee argued that Castillo had betrayed the country when he declared that Peru could facilitate an outlet to the sea for Bolivia.

«In the argumentation of the accusation, no precision is made on the extent to which the statements of the President of the Republic can be subsumed in the crime of treason against the Homeland… It is not specified to what extent they can constitute an act directed to subject the Republic to foreign domination,» the Constitutional Court said in its ruling.

In Peru there is a coup plan against the elected President Pedro Castillo. Far-right groups are the ones financing this attempt at a soft coup with the support of corrupt parties, sold press and politicized prosecutors, without a doubt what we know as lawfare.

— El Tigre Velasco (@DiegoCortazar98)
November 7, 2022

The tweet reads, «Lawmaker Norma Yarrow threatens the President: ‘You bastard dog!'»

In its resolution in favor of the allegations made by Castillo’s defense attorneys, the Constitutional Court stated that the parliamentary report violates the «right to due motivation.»

The complaint against Castillo was raised by conservative politicians after the failure of two attempts to declare the Peruvian presidency vacant due to alleged moral incapacity.

“The complaint for treason was a legal mess,” said Benji Espinoza, President Castillo’s defense attorney.

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November 23, 2022

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