Brazil: 14 Cities in Rio Grande Do Norte Report Attacks

Brazil: 14 Cities in Rio Grande Do Norte Report Attacks

At least 14 cities in the northeastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte reported early Tuesday morning attacks on public buildings and vehicles.


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The preliminary balance of the Rio Grande do Norte Public Security Secretariat said that one person died after a confrontation with the Police, while nine others were arrested.

The arson and firearms attacks were registered between 00:00 and 02:00 local time. According to police, the attacks were allegedly led by the organized crime group Crime Syndicate.

The wave of violence hit the state capital, the city of Natal, as well as Acari, Boa Saúde, Caicó, Campo Redondo, Cerro Corá, Jaçanã, Lajes Pintadas, Montanhas, Mossoró, Parnamirim, Santo Antônio, Tibau do Sul and Sao Miguel do Gostoso.

Em reunião, no ministério da Justiça, com a participação das forças de Segurança do RN e da nossa bancada federal, para debater as devidas providências a serem tomadas diante dos atos criminosos que estão ocorrendo em nosso estado. @JusticaGovBR @FlavioDino #EquipeFB

— Fátima Bezerra (@fatimabezerra)
March 14, 2023

In a meeting, at the Ministry of Justice, with the participation of the RN Security Forces and our federal bench, to discuss the necessary measures to be taken in the face of the criminal acts that are taking place in our state.

Attacks were registered against a police station, two military police bases, a town hall and a bank. Several vehicles parked on the street and in public parking lots were also damaged, many of which were set on fire. 

«Since early, the Ministry of Justice is in contact with the Government of Rio Grande do Norte to verify possible support, in view of the local crisis of Public Safety,» said the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino via Twitter.

The governor of the Brazilian state, Fátima Bezerra, said: «We will work together, State and Federal Government, to ensure the safety of the population of Rio Grande do Norte. Criminals are being tracked down and arrested to be held accountable to justice.» 

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